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Have a group of 20 adults or more?

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Indulge in a fiesta like no other! Our packages come with mouthwatering tacos and thirst-quenching drinks. Enjoy our brewed craft beer, micheladas, wine or sodas for each guest and savor the taco bar buffet setup. Plus, we've got you covered with plates, plastic cutlery, napkins, 3 hours of space rental, a dedicated server, setup, and clean up. Book now and let the party begin!


What comes with Taco bar?


  • Potato Flautas

  • Veggie Quesadillas

  • Fresh Chips & House Salsa



  • Steak, Chicken, Al Pastor &
    Fajita Veggies

  • Corn & Flour Tortillas

  • Toppings: House Red Salsa, Onions, Cilantro, Limes, Pico de gallo, Shredded Lettuce, Cheese



  • Mexican Rice

  • House Beans (Or Vegetarian Refried Beans)​

Add-on items:

+$2.00 Extra Per Person 


  • Churros filled with caramel, served with strawberry & chocolate sauce

Caesar Salad:

  • Romaine hearts, cotija, tortilla crisps, pepitas, serrano Caesar dressing


  • fresh yellow corn grilled and tossed with mayonesa cotija and lime juice


Kindly complete the request form below, and our events team will get in touch with you within 2 business days. Please note that submitting a request does not guarantee the availability of your preferred time and date. Our staff will confirm availability, and to secure your reservation, a deposit must be made.


If you require urgent assistance, please contact LBC and ask to speak with a manager.



How do I figure out the total amount of your event package?


One Drink Package which Includes Taco Buffet

($34 Per Guest) X (# of Guests) + (Local Sales Tax) + (18% Gratuity) = Total Amount

** Prices may vary if you add extra items to your package

Add-on to your taco buffet package?

Thank you for your submission!

We will contact you for conformation, contract and payment within 24 to 48 hours.

frequently asked questions

How do drink tickets work?

Each ticket can be turned in to a beertender for any size beer, a select glass of wine, a Michelada, a seltzer slushy (if available), or a bottled soda or iced tea. All of the tickets will be given to the host at the beginning of the party to hand out. Tickets are only valid for the duration of the party  and hold no cash value. If you have extra tickets at the end of your event, we can give you beer crowlers to-go for every 2 tickets. Feel free to ask your server for more info!


More tickets available for purchase

(10) Tickets= $80, (20) = $155, (30) = $225

What if I have kids coming to the event?

We love kids! Kids under the age of 4 are free, but kids 5 and up need to be included in your headcount. Remember though- there is still a minimum of 20 adults required in order to book an event.


What are the price differences in the drink tiers?

One drink per guest = $34 Each (including food)

Two drinks per guest = $43 Each (including food)

Three drinks per guest = $51 Each (including food)


One Drink Package which Includes Taco Buffet

($34 Per Guest) X (# of Guests) + (Local Sales Tax) + (18% Gratuity) = Total Amount

** Prices may vary if you add extra items to your package


Can I bring in a cake for dessert or alcohol for a special toast?

Yes you can bring in a cake or celebration dessert! No, you cannot bring in alcohol. Want to bring in something else for your party? Just ask. If you are bringing a dessert, you will need bring your own plates, silverware, knife, etc.

Do you provide decorations or centerpieces for the tables?

Sorry, we do not provide any party decorations or centerpieces. You are welcome to bring in and set up your own decorations, but your designated space will only be available 30 min prior to your event. Please do not bring glitter or confetti.


Do you have to be 21 to attend the event?

No, you don't. We just ask that anyone under the age of 18 has adequate parental supervision.

- Must be 21 to Consume Alcohol.

Is there tax or gratuity added to the tab?

Yes, 20% Gratuity + Sales Tax will automatically be added to all party packages. You are, however, always welcome to leave an additional tip if we've exceeded your expectations!

When do we need to have our guest count in?

We need your guest count in no later than one week prior to your event date. If more guests arrive than what your guest count is, you will be charged full price for that person. If you have more coming after you gave us your guest count please let us know asap so we can make arrangements on extra space and food.

How do I know when I have my reservation set?

We need a signed contract and deposit before we can mark your date and time down on our calendar.

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